Schatzi Exploration - About
We are Exploration futurists and not burdened by convention. 

Our goal is to get the drill in the ground ASAP through streamlining our processes and nimble decision-making. Our primary focus is gold and precious metals, but we also explore for new age materials.

Schatzi has a digital nomadic culture free of many traditional confinements associated with bureaucratic thinking and spaces. Aside from the Main Board, there is little hierarchy. Rather, shadow boards composed mostly of younger people are tasked with day-to-day operations and encouraged to work together to solve problems. Trust is the key. We provide employees with responsibility and the opportunity to shine. We try to inspire people who work for us to find a natural role that they find most fulfilling (finding the why).

As part of the AMECA Group, a primary goal of Schatzi is to bring mining associated industry and downstream development to regions and countries that need it. A green miner, we seek to employ the most sustainable technologies. A determining factor in proceeding with any project is the net benefit to the local population while protecting and preserving the native flora and fauna.

Industry 01
Exploration Services
Industry 02
Infrastructure Development
Industry 03
Research &
Industry 04
Technical Support
Industry 05
Manufacturing Templates
Industry 06
Mineral Validation
- Mark Bristow, the chief executive officer of Barrick Gold Corp, Globe & Mail, February 12, 2020.
“The gold sector is in desperate need of young blood to rejuvenate what has become a “dinosaur” industry.”