One Step is our trademarked exploration process.

5 Steps of Exploration

  1. Sample (Schatzi)

    • Preparation of High Level Geology

    • Select & Explore Target

    • Drill Target

    • Retrieve Samples

    • Accredited Lab Reports

    • Build NI 43-101

  2. Analyze (Schatzi)

    • Draft Drill Programs for Phase 2 drilling

    • Discovery Analyze

    • Work up Regional Strategic Support

    • Allocate Support Teams to Develop Report

    • Sprints on Target Locations

    • Establish Roadmap to Report Expansion

    • Set Drill Program for Phase 2 Exploration

  3. Model (AMECA Tech)

  4. Estimate (AMECA​ Infra)

  5. Plan (AMECA​ Infra)

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Company Profile

How does it work?

Schatzi's previous exploration efforts have successfully identified areas of interest within several jurisdictions. Once identified, we will either i) seek to align with the parties that are ready to target these geological anomalies or ii) establish a structure to target them ourselves. Schatzi's One Step Process is implemented and the drill targets are selected under an agreement with the owner or within our own exploration structure.

Once an agreement is signed between you and Schatzi Exploration, Mark Bolster will work with the local teams to get the scheduling in sequence. This includes obtaining local permits that need to ensure the project is completely compliant with local authorities.

Mark and the One Step team go to the target site, carry out mapping & the patented One Step process. Our Elite and Secret exploration team flies into the country under pseudonyms. Other than Mark Bolster, "the face of "Schatzi Exploration"," you interact with none of them. Using our proprietary process, we target the exact location where gold is likely to be found.  

If a high likelihood of gold is confirmed we move forward into the confirmation phase - which consists of drilling, sampling, and analysis. 

Drilling: Schatzi prides itself on working with local industry. This ensures that the country and community where valuable metals and minerals are located is able to thrive and will share in the benefits of local development.

Based upon local recommendations, Schatzi assembles drilling and geologist teams under Ameca Tech's Senior Geology Management. These teams are composed of local reputable established companies. We carefully verify that all partners have the necessary experience and qualifications to complete the tasks according to the NI 43-101 standard.

Sampling:  Drill samples are sent to our lab team in Canada to carefully select the best representation for testing. We are a data driven organization.

Analyzing: Schatzi collaborates with AMECA’s Scientific Research & Development/ Processing Facility in North America and also partners with Accredited laboratories in Europe - which are set up for a rapid turn around. The system is designed to obtain your results much more quickly than the industry standard.


If the presence of valuable minerals is confirmed, depending on the contract terms, the project is either handed over to AMECA Infra for infrastructure planning, or returned to the owner, to do with as they wish.