Schatzi Exploration works on multiple projects at a time, here are the most current.

Our Projects

Schatzi Exploration's on the ground work began in 2015, and despite local skepticism, a rich multi-mineral deposit was discovered in Seruwila. Indications of high potential were also found in two other locations. The Seruwila project is currently being developed by AMECA Mining.

With Seruwila achieving its own momentum, Schatzi is revisiting 3 particularly exciting gold projects in Columbia, Belize, and the Dominican Republic. Local partnerships have been established and contracts signed. Although Schatzi has many other prospects in the pipeline (Congo, Europe, Western Canada) a strategic decision was taken to initially pursue a regional approach to leverage several logistical advantages.

Operation Leap Frog

​The Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Sri Lanka drilling programs by Schatzi Exploration have been agreed and approved by the Board. Mineral exploration and careful planning has been expedited and discussion with the governments and local peoples of these countries are now matured. The wheels of these explorations are now in motion with Canadian drilling teams, which have been selected for Operation Wara in Sri Lanka; equipment is now being manufactured for the accelerated drilling expedition taking place in 2021.


Sri Lanka

Q2 2021: Exploration phase 1 completed

Q2 2021: Exploration phase 2 begins

Q3 2021: Mining begins

Q4 2021: Processing begins

Q3/4 2021: Expand exploration

Q3 2021: Infrastructure begins

Neo Americas

Belize • Colombia • Dominican Republic

Q2 2021: Explore phase 65% complete

Q3 2021: Establish local IP infrastructure

Q2 2022: Structure investment cycles

Q2 2022: Geo-metallurgical Modelling

Q2 2023:Begin Infrastructure build phase

Q4 2024: Begin Refine – transport – Bank Phase


Democratic Republic of the Congo • Zambia • Zimbabwe

Q3 2021: DRC exploration target phase complete

Q2 2021: Drill Phase Begins

Q1 2022: Sample - Test - Analyse

2022: Zambia Exploration Begins

2023: Zimbabwe Exploration Begins

- Mark Bristow, the chief executive officer of Barrick Gold Corp, Globe & Mail, February 12, 2020.
“The gold sector is in desperate need of young blood to rejuvenate what has become a “dinosaur” industry.”